Advanced anti-microbial technology
powered by nature

Through modern chemistry and science, Purevin has perfected nature’s sustainable solution for consumer, commercial and medical use.

No heavy metals. No biocides. Certified skin safe. Certified environmentally safe. Superior performance, functionality and durability.

Purevin has developed a wide range of effective applicationsApplications

Here are just some of its uses:
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Textiles remain anti-microbial, even after repeated washing, are also protected from the mold during shipping.

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Medical instruments and disposables can be manufactured to inhibit bacteria growth.

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Working and home environments can be made free of microbes, both through the use of treated air filters, and by mixing with surface cleaning solutions.

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Purevin treated filters can significantly reduce the number of microbes in water and air.

Over millions of years, nature has developed safe, highly effective anti-microbial agents – the resin secreted by coniferous trees.

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Please see some of our products below

Long-lasting odor remover and disinfectant

For effective long-term disinfecting and odor removal.

Long-lasting hand care disinfectant

Effective hand and skin cleaning and long-term disinfection.

Deodorizer and disinfectant concentrate

Effective concentrate for fast disinfection and odor prevention.

Disinfecting wipes

Suitable for places with strict hygiene requirements as it quickly destroys microbes and provides long-term protection

Sap is a natural product produced by coniferous trees that helps protect trees from diseases caused by a variety of microbes. It primarily comprises resins called rosins and terpenes that give coniferous trees their distinctive and easily identifiable aroma.

The Purevin product range uses rosins extracted from sap that forms an undetectable film covering that protects against microbes. The film does not destroy microbes, but prevents microbe reproduction and reduces odours and other harm caused by microbe growth.

Doesn't containDoesn't contain

Our products do not contain the following:
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No heavy metals

NO heavy metals, which can cause skin damage or pose other health risks – and are associated with environmental contamination and disruption of good bacterial activity.

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NO terbinafines

NO terbinafines, which may weaken the immune system, impinge neurological function, and cause other side effects.

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NO long-acting guanines

NO long-acting guanines, which can impair fertility and cause fetal damage.

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NO borax

NO borax, which can impair fertility and cause fetal damage.

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NO parabens

NO parabens, which are known to trigger estrogenic and allergenic effects.

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